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Last updated on Sep 21 2010

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The new Training and Race page has a calendar which includes some interval sessions penciled in for the next few weeks. You are welcome to give them a try. If you are planning a training run or are looking for a training partner, just email me and I'll add it to the calendar.

11th Summer Handicap Race took place on 15 September. See Results page.

Some good PBs at Buckie 10k. Dru came within 3 seconds of beating 40 minutes with Alex Duthie close behind. And a second District Championship medal of the season (10k and Half Marathon) for Carol Massie who has consistently improved with every race. Full results on Results page.

Well done to Mark Caldwell again, who completed the Ayr Way 41mls on Saturday 18th September. Finished 10th in 6h 09m having taken a wrong turn at 35 miles. So much for Army training! This confirmed Mark as 12th overall in the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series (SUMS) and 3rd in his category for 2010. SUM achievement! Mark reckons that several more Broch runners could do well in the series if they wish to put in the training.

Well done to everyone who carried Barry the Baton between New Aberdour and St Fergus.

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Mark Forsyth of DeeJay's nightclub, Fraserburgh who kindly sponsored the event presents the Prizes -

A collection of photos courtesy of Peterheadjogscotland can be found here
More Photos here
A selection of comments from those who took part:
Thanks for a great event.... That was my first ever half marathon and really enjoyed it.

>Sandra/Stephen, many thanks, great day all round, you even fixed the weather and first class spread afterwards as usual!
>thank you, was my first run and i really enjoyed it will be back next year, was a great day out and a lovely atmosphere.
>Thanks for the results and a great day on Sunday. Thanks to you all for a fabulous spread after the race and to all who helped to organise the event.
>Just wanted to thank all the Fraserburgh Running Club committee for a brillant day out, all our group really enjoyed themselves.

To balance that there was a small amount of negative feedback which will be taken on board for future events.

Female impersonator denies Gillian Portsoy 10k win!!.

See Photos page for some photos of Ythan Challenge runners.

Members please note that we have again taken out a deal with Medifit Clinic, Fraserburgh. Members please note that injuries sustained through running only will be entertained. Your first three sessions to the Clinic will be free and thereafter you will be charged a reduced rate of 20 per session. Note that Spinal Problems will be charged at a reduced rate of 25 but are not covered by this deal.
Sandra Milne should be advised of ALL visits by members to the Medifit Clinic so that they can be logged.

50/50 Club winners:
March 2010 - Robert McDonald; Jayne Watt; George Simpson; Jim Bowie; Anne Bowie
February 2010 - Anne Bowie; Jayne Watt; Stephen Buchan; Sandra Milne
January 2010 - Maureen Mathers; Michael Dick; Andy Higgins; Keith Bannerman
December 2009 - Peter Ritchie; Lisa Stephen; Tracy McAllister; Michael Strachan; Robert McDonald
November 2009 - Graeme Clark; Robert Youngson; Stephen Buchan; Sandra Milne
Sept 2009 - Ally Mathers; Michael Strachan; Keith Buchan; Elaine Whyte; Annie Stephen.
August 2009 - George Cardno; Stephen Milne; Anne Bowie; Graeme Clark
July 2009 - Peter Ritchie; Lisa Stephen; Charles McIntyre; George Mutch; Anne Bowie
June 2009 - Derek Wiseman; Keith Bannerman; Graeme Clark and Stephen Buchan.
May 2009 - Peter Ritchie; Peter Ritchie; Peter Ritchie (yes, 3 times !!!) and Michael Watt.
April 2009 - Gordon McAllister; George Mutch; Stephen Buchan; Patricia Dick and Jayne Watt. Anyone wishing to join the 50/50 Club please get in touch with Sandra Milne.
March 2009 - Annie Stephen; Michael Strachan; Michael Strachan; and Malcolm Sinclair.
January 2009 - Graeme Clark; Kevin King; Alec Duthie; Gordon McAllister

December 2008 - Derek Wiseman; Sandra Milne; Allan Watt; Michael Watt and Peter Ritchie.

November 2008 - Gordon McAllister; Alec Duthie; Lisa Stephen; George Simpson.
October 2008 - Charles Noble; Derek Wiseman; Elaine Whyte; Eric Whyte; Andrew West
September 2008 - Charlie Noble; Andrew West; Sandra Milne; Sandra Milne
August 2008 - Derek Wiseman; Carol Massie; John Davie; Gordon McAllister
July 2008 - Keith Buchan; Jim Ingram; Annie Stephen; Tracy McAllister; Gillian Strachan
June 2008 - Eric Whyte; Rosalind Reid; George Simpson; Alison West
May 2008 - Jim Bowie; Derek Wiseman; Charlie Noble; Jim Bowie
April 2008: Alison West; George Mutch; Denise Milne; Rosalind Reid and Robbie Youngson.
March 2008: Robert McDonald; Kat Mitchell; Robert McDonald and Lisa Stephen
February 2008: Kevin King; George Simpson; Denise Milne; Keith Buchan
January 2008: Simon Kelly; Stephen Buchan; Malcolm Sinclair, Katherine Mitchell and George Simpson

The Peter Ritchie Challenge was won by Ali Mathers - see Results page for full results

Has Charlie had his chips? - see the Gossip page for the answer.
Typical comment from runners after Fraserburgh 10k - hi there, may we just congratulate you on your excellant event, i have never competed in the broch 10km before, but it is one of the best that i have ever done! the organisation was excellant, prizes were outstanding, and the food.......................! wow- fabulous!! i have recommended your event on the tri talk forum and the runners world forum, as we enjoyed ourselves so much!! thanks again for an excellant day, and we will def be entering again!!!
Fraserburgh 10k route

Some glimpses of past Glories  

See Events Calender page for Charlies choice of races near and far.

If anyone wants to contribute to the news, gossip or results please Mail me (Graeme)